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but you know I know when it's a dream

...and nothing to get hung about

a girl geek
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alec guinness, antonio gramsci, being a geek, being phlegmatic, being quite british actually, being quite neurotic, being rubbish a haiku, being rubbish at drabbles, blackadder, c. montgomery burns, clive merrison, colditz, colin jeavons, conrad veidt, david mccallum, denial, discworld, doctor who, doink doink, duck soup, fake moustaches, five rounds rapid!, freud's wacky ideas, getting over excited, gormenghast, green wing, groucho marx, hamlet, history, house of cards, illya kuryakin, jeeves and wooster, jeremy brett, jumpers, karl marx, knightmare, kurt vonnegut, lawyer guy from svu, magneto, man from u.n.c.l.e., max bialystock, may december relationships, men in waistcoats, michel foucault, miscellaneous weirdness, monkey island, my freaky good memory, my guitar called henry, napoleon solo, no selective colouring, not being ashamed, noun conversion, number six, passive aggression, patrick mcgoohan, patrick troughton, people's weird kinks, peter cushing, quantum leap, really old films, reggie perrin, reginald iolanthe perrin, retro film posters, richard dawkins, richard iii, rincewind, rufus t firefly, samuel beckett, sapphire and steel, sarcasm, saying dude too much, sci fi, sea of souls, second doctor, sherlock holmes, shoes, smiling through the pain, spock/mccoy, star trek, super villains, terry pratchett, the avengers, the bad guys, the beatles, the brigadier, the divine comedy, the doctor, the great escape, the ladykillers, the marx brothers, the pink panther, the prisoner, the producers, the thick of it, the x files, unit, weird people, william shakespeare, wizzards, worrying about my brain, worrying about the economy, x-men, yes minister, yes prime minister, Василий Ливанов