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Hey guys, how you all doing?

I'm still alive. My life sucked for a while, but everything is better now.

I'm thinking about getting back into fic writing. To keep myself occupied on the train journey to work and back. Plus, I really miss writing. I just haven't had the time or energy lately and everything in my life has been so up in the air, that I haven't been able to do any of the things I used to enjoy doing.

Oh and I had a tattoo doneCollapse )

Anyway, that's my update. Hope everyone's okay.

PS. If any of you are on tumblr btw, I can be seen there often, reblogging nonesense. I'm mymetalphantom

Morecambe and Wise...bring me sunshine
I haven't posted here since October OMG.

Anyway, yes. I finally have a proper full time job that pays actual money and everything. No more being poor (so frightfully, horribly poor) for me, not ever again, I hope. It's a good job, pretty well paid and I found out I'd got it just before Christmas, so I had a good Christmas holiday for the first time in two years.

All is good at the moment and I'm managing, for the most part, to keep the bad thoughts at bay.

Hope you're all okay!

(At some point I'm going to have to make a post about Sherlock (BBC) because I have SO MANY FEELINGS about it that I'm not going to be able to contain myself much longer).

I have been mostly absent
The Goodies..."Old graybags
Unless you follow me on Tumblr, then you'll think that I've not only been mostly present, but probably annoyingly prolific as well.

With the way my life currently is, the quick blogging style of Tumblr really suits me. I'm hoping to settle into some full time employment soon (instead of making some cash doing odd things here and there). Then I'll have free time without worrying too much about money. That'll be great.

When I do I'll really have to start writing again. I've had a few inspirations here and there, but every time I've tried to write, something has come up and I've had to abandon it. I still have loads of unfinished fics (for many and varied fandoms) and I keep finding new fandoms that I would love to write stuff for as well.

I kinda want my old life back. When I had real free time to do stuff I enjoy. I used to have an enjoyable social life; everything from going out with friends to talking politics on twitter. I just hope things settle down for me soon, so I can get back to doing all that stuff again.

Anyway, enough about me.

Hope everyone is well here on livejournal!

p.s. Wales losing in the Rugby World Cup semi-final match against France did not make me feel any better. This is why I try not to get into sports. But I can't help it, I just love rugby too much, and Wales even more.

Just in case
Beatles...a magical mystery tour
I am also mymetalphantom on Dreamwidth and mymetalphantom on Tumblr.

I know, I know, I'm so creative with names.

Such petty first world problems
Beatles...a magical mystery tour
So I’ve been almost completely absent from Livejournal recently; occasionally posting something inane, or commenting sporadically. I haven’t even been tweeting that much either.

This is mainly because I’ve been ill…in a kind of semi-serious, non-life-threatening sort of way. In turn, that brought up all sorts of emotional issues, most of which are so petty that I wouldn’t dream of boring you nice people with them. But it has made me shockingly self-absorbed.

So my life has been somewhat stationary. I’ve done little more than exist over the past few months.

Anyway. Better now…sort of. Not moping about and feeling sorry for myself anymore which is a good sign. I attended my best friend’s wedding on the 18th, which was amazing! She looked beautiful, it was wonderfully emotional, and they hired a band who did a Beatles tribute. I got to do my embarrassing dance to “Saw Her Standing There” in front of a room full of people…which made a nice change from simply doing it in my living room. Good day all round, even though I paid for it the next day…ouch!

So that’s me. Recovering. Looking on the bright-side.

Oh, also, this: Graham Linehan has written a Ladykillers stage play! And it stars Peter Capaldi! *flail*

Lestrade...Scotland Yard's cutest

Oh, Colin. I love you baby, but your singing gives me wicked second hand embarrassment. That said, d'aww CUTE!

Also, LOL, the lyrics! Just...LOL.

Oh Man
STTNG...Q...trickster archetype...made
Just to make my life that little bit more difficult, my graphics card sort of went pop and took the power supply to my old computer with it. Thus killing the poor thing for good. RIP my old computer.

Still, c'est la vie. At least I didn't lose any files this time (although I have lost quite a lot of money *shakes fist*).

Anywho, good things happened recently. We celebrated the imminent marriage of a friend on a rather boozy weekend in Cheltenham. There were cocktails and stuff. And we went to a club that played really cheesy music and basically behaved like idiots. Good times.

It's not a bad old world, really.

I'm allowed to ignore the bad stuff for one day.

Some stuff
Beatles...a magical mystery tour
1. Because I’m basically an idiot, I changed my email address for LJ when they were having all that comment notification trouble, then I promptly forgot that I had done it. If you wrote a comment to me and I haven’t replied...well, that’ll be why. *facepalm* I swear, I am clever sometimes.

2. I finally put the finishing touches to my 60s themed living room. Of course, the TV and computer don’t quite fit that theme but hey, whatever.

Pictures - just scroll past the link if you're not interestedCollapse )

3. I finally found my college files on the back up of my old hard drive. In one file was the novel that I planned, researched, plotted and wrote three chapters of for my creative writing assignment. I should probably finish that, right? I could be sitting on a best selling novel! *hollow laughter*

4. I would quite like to write some fic, but I've run dry on ideas. Any suggestions?

"...I find the things that *YOU DO*..."
Beatles...a magical mystery tour
I think I posted this here a few years ago (and it's very famous, obv.), but the other day I found the link for it in the crap that I took off my old hard drive, and it coincided with me watching Richard III (for the eleventy-millionth time).

A combination of some of my favourite things; Peter Sellers, The Beatles and Olivier's Richard III*.

Also, I was bored and had nothing better to do than post this.

*I am shameless fangirly for Olivier's Richard; mock away, my beautiful ones.

This morning's lulz
HoC...Tim Stamper...he's almost cute
Colin Jeavons was in this morning's episode of "Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?" on Radio 7. Being kidnapped by two young women. LOL.

Made me smile this morning. I do have a temperature though, of course.


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